(200+) Best FB Status in English – Whats App Status for Boys & Girls

Good WhatsApp status images in English :

60: ” Life is all about having just a few people who would do anything for you. ”

61: ” When it hurts, observe. Life is trying to teach you something. ”

62: ” Anger is one letter short of danger. ”

WhatsApp Cool status in English :

63: ” I am single. Ready to Mingle. ”

Whatsapp cool status in english-single-ready-mingle

64: ” I don’t change. I just grew up. You should try it once. ”

Whatsapp cool status in english-don't-change-grew-up

65: ” I don’t trust words. I trust actions. ”

Whatsapp cool status in english-don't-trust-words-actions

These days, words have no value. Nobody is standing on their words. Don’t trust their words. Trust their actions.

66: ” I talk, I smile, I laugh too. But be careful when i am silent. ”

Being silent shows a danger signal. One hides many things when he is being silent. No one knows what is running in his mind except himself.

Whatsapp cool status in english-talk-smile-laugh-careful-silent

Killer Attitude status English :

67: ” We fall. We fail. We break. But then, we rise. We heal, we overcome. ”

68: ” Never think how well you have done. Therefore, just wait for the results. ”

Killer Attitude status English-think-well-done-wait-results

69: ” I would again like to be born as me. ”

New English status Attitude :

70: ” If at first, you don’t succeed. Keep flushing.”

71: ” I don’t wanna go to heaven…none of my friends will be there! ”

New English status Attitude-go-heaven-friends-none

72: ” If you can’t convince her then confuse her. ”