(200+) New Attitude Status in English for WhatsApp [2021]

Unique and Good WhatsApp status in English :

121: ” Never think how well you have done. Therefore just wait for the results “.

122: ” Women who wear black lead colorful lives “.

Awesome status in English :

123: ” There are times when a well placed pawn is more powerful than a king “.

124: ” Be the best version of yourself “.

WhatsApp profile status in English :

125: ” I respect a person who respects me when I’m not around “.

126: ” Everyday i look at the keyboard, and i always see U and I together “.

Sad attitude status in English for WhatsApp :

127: ” I am only good at hiding my feelings “.

128: ” I love crying in the rain. Because, when i do, no one can hear the pain “.

Best and cool WhatsApp status for girls and boys:

129: ” I hate people who have 2 faces. They show one face to me and second to other people “.

130: ” There is no perfect soul without a mixture of craziness ”